Thursday, March 12, 2009

i'm getting TOO EMOTIONAL

I thought I had control

But I slipped, and I don’t, and I don’t know where to go
I thought I knew it all
But all I do is think about the next time I see you
I thought I had control
But we kissed, and I slipped and I don’t know where to go
All I really know;
It’s getting too emotional

When you came to me
Yeah, I thought you’d be like every other guy that I’d ever met
We’d hang for a while then I’d soon forget you
But this is something new
I was not prepared to wonder where you are when you’re not with me
This feels so crazy

It’s a strange feeling
To care about someone, I guess I never really did untill I met you, boy
How was I to know how you would affect me?
They say I talk too much
I talk too much about you
The definition of being out of control and I don’t wanna feel this anymore

I get this feeling inside my heart when
You come around, and when we’re apart then
I feel so torn up inside
I’ve gotta get control of my life

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